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Skype/Online Lessons


Learn to play your guitar in the comfort of your own home with my high quality online guitar lessons. They are popular with students who can't attend in person. 


The lessons are delivered using multiple HD camera angles of my guitar so you can get a close up view. I also give you a direct signal from my computer so you can hear my guitar in full detail. I send all the lesson materials to you digitally, in advance. These include backing tracks, music and course materials. 

  What equipment you need for online lessons:

  • Computer

  • Guitar (Acoustic or Electric)

  • Webcam

  • Strong Internet Connection

  • Speakers or Headphones.

  • Skype or Zoom

Multiple HD Camera Angles

Skype Or Zoom

First lesson
just £15

Acoustic and Electric 

All Lesson Materials Sent Digitally 

High Quality Audio

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